The IRS considers a business to be an activity that is conducted with the intention of making a profit. If you’re unsure whether your eBay selling activity qualifies as a business, consult a tax professional. The fees are typically a percentage of the total sale price plus a fixed fee per transaction. Therefore, sellers should factor in these fees when setting their prices to ensure they are still making a profit.

  • VAT stands for “Value-Added Tax” and is similar to sales tax in the US and GST in Australia and New Zealand.
  • It’s also true that billions of dollars in income go unreported every year.
  • The app can fill out Schedule C for you after finding all your deductible expenses, so treat it as a one-stop shop for all your tax needs.
  • Texas sellers must collect sales tax on taxable items, including shipping and delivery charges, sold online in Texas.
  • After creating a tax table, choose the option in Sellbrite on your eBay listings (or eBay listing preset) to charge tax according to the tax table.

It’s also important to understand the different categories that your selling activity can fall under. If you buy items with the intention of selling them, you are considered a trader. If you sell items as a hobby, you fall under the second category of eBay sellers.

Sales tax

Any tax you collect from buyers should merely ‘pass-through’ you to the relevant tax authority. Enforcement has increased greatly in recent years with the new laws and regulations coming into play, so now is probably the worst time to ignore your tax obligations. These guides, whilst written with eBay sellers top of mind, do discuss ecommerce in general and touch on what to do when your business spans multiple channels. Read this guide for everything you need to know about eBay sales tax. The W-9 form is used to get an official record of your Social Security number (or other tax ID number). If the app or online site you use is required to send you a 1099-K, they need to have documentation of your tax ID on Form W-9.

If you sell on eBay, your tax situation will involve a lot of forms — forms you get and forms you fill out on your own. TurboTax Premium searches 500 tax deductions to get you every dollar you deserve. One exception when revising items is that tax details cannot be changed for active listings that already have bids. After creating a tax table, choose the option in Sellbrite on your eBay listings (or eBay listing preset) to charge tax according to the tax table. Fill out this form to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our highly-skilled, aggressive attorneys to help you tackle any tax or legal problem.


This allows Facebook to report any income you earn adequately. Failing to provide a tax ID can result in you not getting paid. To help you stay on the right side of the law, the IRS has come up with all sorts of ways to report this miscellaneous income. If you want to call your eBay venture a hobby, for example, you can only do this as long as you’re not pursuing the hobby with the intention of making money. (One test requires that you make no profit from your hobby in two of five consecutive years.) If you do report this as hobby income, you can deduct hobby expenses from your that income.

How To File Taxes For Ebay Sales

In our
VAT guide for eBay sellers, we list all the rates for each country, their nexus thresholds as well as links to find the official authorities online. A2X helps you track how much sales tax you have collected in each of your transactions. In the states that do not require this of eBay, and you meet their
nexus threshold, then you need to collect and remit the tax. This comes after the landmark “Wayfair decision” case, which sought to stop ecommerce sellers evading tax laws. When it comes to US sales tax, the rate of tax you need to pay will likely be made up of state tax plus any local jurisdictional rates on top.

In general, when an item is revised or relisted, the following rules apply:

You can find more information
in our guide here on sales tax, and
this guide on types of goods/services that are taxable. See our
sales tax and
income tax guides for links to official sites and more information about filing taxes. If you use an
accountant or a tax app, these can also help you find and use the correct paperwork. According to the IRS, the new rule was not intended to track personal transactions such as paying friends or family for bills, or sharing the cost of a ride, gifts or rent. The delay gives taxpayers and businesses more time to understand and prepare for the changes. This extra time will decrease the likelihood tax forms will be sent for personal transactions.

Does eBay take 10%?

Does eBay always take 10%? No, eBay does not always charge 10%. The actual final cost of selling with eBay will vary, depending on what categories your item is listed in and the final sale price of the item. Generally, you'll pay between 5% and 15% in fees.

A purchaser may not use a resale certificate to claim tax exemption for items shipped outside the U.S., except for taxable items shipped to Mexico. Texas sellers do not need to collect Texas sales tax on items shipped and delivered to out-of-state locations. To document these sales, your records must include proof of delivery, such as a bill of lading, a shipping invoice or a postal receipt. Sales tax is a fee collected on the sale of goods and services, usually calculated as a percentage of the sale price. Use tax is similar to sales tax, but typically applies to purchases made by consumers from out-of-state sellers who don’t collect sales tax from the consumer.

It’s important to note that PayPal fees can impact your net income. If you use PayPal to process payments, you will be subject to fees charged for each transaction. This is because PayPal fees are generally collected as a percentage of the transaction amount, meaning the more you sell, the more you’ll pay.

How much does eBay take per sale?

Final value fees

If your item sells, eBay keeps a portion of the sale. This final value fee for most categories is 13.25% of the sale price or lower, plus $0.30 per order.

This means you have to know the acquisition date and cost basis for all of your stuff. The capital gain is the difference between the sale proceeds and the cost basis. So keep track of how much you paid for that 1953 Mickey Mantle baseball card or the toy James Bond spy kit. You even need to know how much Mom paid in 1967 for that Star Trek lunch box you found in the attic.

Importance of Tracking and Reporting Your eBay Sales

Once you’ve received the permit, you’re legally allowed to collect sales tax on behalf of the state. In addition, many eBay sellers mistakenly assume their hobby sales will not require any tax deductions. While hobby income is generally not taxable, these expenses are still deductible when calculating net income. A business tax deduction is created when you deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses that exceed your revenue.

How To File Taxes For Ebay Sales

EBay charges buyers sales tax where it is required to by law. For this reason, you need to be on top of your obligations and have a good handle on what is expected. This includes
sales tax in the US,
VAT in the UK and Europe, GST in Australia and New Zealand, and don’t forget
income tax.